College Guide NY (New York)

New York State is full of renowned universities and colleges, including some of the country’s most prestigious Ivy League institutions. With several different state universities and many private colleges, the state is rich with opportunities for higher education. Some of the best and most internationally renowned colleges in the country are located in New York.

Because of the sheer size and diversity of New York, there are locations to suit every student across the state. New York offers more rural, small town based colleges to universities placed right in the middle of Manhattan, with everything from tiny, selective liberal arts colleges to large institutions with a strong international standing in research and academia.

Students looking to apply to one of the stop schools in the country will find plenty of different options in New York. These are some of the most prestigious colleges in the state. They all have a rigorous selection process designed to seek out the top students from across the country, and each college offers a top quality educational experience over a wide range of degrees.

Columbia University, Manhattan

Columbia is New York’s only Ivy League university, located in one of the world’s most exciting cosmopolitan areas. This private college is ideal for ambitious and accomplished students dream of studying in the Big Apple.

Columbia has a diverse student body of 22,000 students, two-thirds of which are graduate students. Aside from the distinction of being included in the elite Ivy League group of universities, Columbia is also a member of the Association of American Universities and a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

Columbia is strong in Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering, and its most popular major subjects include Civil Engineering, Economics, English, History, Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

By opting for this prestigious college, students can take advantage of its world class teaching facilities and location which is shown by its amazing grades. Conquercollege said that Columbia Students showed a much higher than average grade when using their grade caculator. New York City offers its students a wealth of resources and a teaching faculty and student body with roots all over the world.

Columbia University has extensive links with academic institutions internationally, and a strong foundation in research and postgraduate studies. Many of its students receive grants and financial aid to help them pursue their academic ambitions, and it offers multiple scholarship programs to allow the less fortunate to flourish.

Barnard College, Manhattan

Barnard College is closely affiliated with Columbia, but is itself an independent, private women’s college with a rich history. Its association with Columbia and cross-registration program allows students to choose classes from either school, creating a curriculum that suits their academic goals and picking from a wider field of extracurricular activities. As one of the “seven sister” elite women’s colleges in the United States, Barnard has a prestigious reputation and an esteemed faculty.

Barnard is the most competitive women’s college in the United States, located centrally in New York City on a four-acre metropolitan campus. It is a very small and selective liberal arts school with an undergraduate class of less than 5,000 students, all of whom are women. The college prides itself on its accessible teaching staff, high expectations and intellectually engaged student body.

The college’s New York City location gives students access to extensive opportunities for research resources, cultural experiences and internship and employment opportunities.

Cornell University, Ithaca

New York’s second Ivy League university is Cornell, a private college located in Ithaca, New York. With a long history of non-sectarianism and inclusive attitudes, Cornell is the academic home of egalitarian academics in the United States. This university consistently ranks in the top 20 colleges worldwide, and has a successful application rate of 14%.

Ithaca is a small city in the center of New York, with beautiful natural scenery and a large, vibrant student population made up of both Cornell students and students of Ithaca College. Cornell also has a medical campus, Weill Cornell, based in New York City.

Cornell is the most diverse of all the Ivy League institutions, with almost 20,000 students from every state and 120 different countries. Well known for its impressive research output, Cornell also has a strong focus on international relations programs, supported by a program that allows undergraduates to take semesters abroad in countries across the world.

Binghamton University, Vestal

Binghamton is a SUNY (State University of New York) college, and one of the best public universities in the United States. The college is located in Vestal, New York, a town in the Southern Tier of the state on the Pennsylvania border. Aside from its attraction as a major college town, Vestal is famous for its shopping areas and large malls, along with its close proximity to ski slopes for winter recreation.

Binghamton University undergraduate programs have a focus on liberal arts, but the college is best known for its research and postgraduate studies. There are over 15,00 students in total at Binghamton, around 12,300 of which are undergraduates.

Binghamton’s membership to SUNY mean that students from New York can attend for far lower tuition fees than they would face at a private school, but Binghamton still gives out a substantial amount of aid, with merit scholarships and grants awarded to promising students with financial need.

Its solid reputation in the liberal arts and science earned Binghamton University a chapter of the Phi Betta Kappa Honor Society, giving it a place among the most respected colleges in the nation. Binghamton is also one of the top colleges in the country for athletic students, with several teams that frequently rank highly in the world of college sports.

New York University (NYU), Manhattan

NYU is a private research university located at the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, and the largest private college in the country. Its central location and the fact that undergraduates are guaranteed four years of housing during their time at the college makes NYU a highly desirable application choice for many students.

NYU is made up of 16 different schools offering specialised courses, all of which come high in the nation’s academic rankings. Its creative subjects are highly esteemed, with Film, Communications Studies and Drama included in the most popular majors for undergraduates.

NYU benefits from a large and esteemed faculty, extensive academic resources and challenging, intellectually stimulating degree programs that attract some of the brightest students in the country. Its exciting urban location is just one of many reasons that many of the nation’s most ambitious students flock to NYU.